Thursday, June 19


We woke up Thursday morning to forks! Bunch of forks all over the yard. It turns out that our wonderful youth group was playing a prank on us. My first thought was revenge!!! (They got Jason too, so I would have some help!) But today was/is my GTO (God time only) day, so I put off my revenge planning and headed out to read and pray. My van was acting up so I broke rule #2 (no cell phones), and took mine. Well the youth (not to stealthy) started texting me with “hold on to your fork”. I got 7 text saying this. Then I figured out why, Sunday morning church was a video from Perry Noble and told about his childhood Sunday dinners where his mother would collect the plates and tell everyone to “hold on to your forks” because there was something else coming, something sweet, something better, something saved for last. Perry’s point was that if God was to tell us one thing it would be to “hold on to your fork” because I have something else coming, something great! And better than anything else!!!

So what was meant to be a joke, turns out to be and encouragement and even a message from God...To hold on to my fork! Because I have not seen anything yet. God is BIG and has something special in store for us at Discovery Church!

To Crosslink: Thank you for the gift, it led my day and gave me encouragement.
To Discovery Church: We haven’t seen anything yet, there is something better coming.
To God: I am holding my fork(s)! I am anticipating see you move in my life and your church.
There were a lot of forks, so I am expecting a lot, Bring it on!

Hey, since when did teens start listening in church? :)

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Anonymous said...

hahahahahahaha! we love you papa smurfff.