Friday, June 27

www.18 (still not a link so don't go there!)

I am on day 18 of my net fast. Thanks to our wonderful town I was thinking of doing a water fast along with it (check here and here).

I am still going strong and haven't been told or felt I should stop fasting. It's weird/great but I don't know if I want to stop! Of course I want to look at web sites (thanks to all my friends emailing me links!!!) but a part of me is willing to lose it forever if thats what it takes to get on track. I have spent more time reading the Bible, praying, thinking about God and even thinking about our friends in Christ and people within our ministry reach than ever before. And I enjoy it! I don't want to sleep in, I want to get up and read! Yesterday I spent most of the day with a heavy burden because of a few friends I have that are in struggles. I was in constant prayer for them.

Confession time: I was in New Bern on Wednesday to see my mom and S.R. 43 was way messed up with construction. I used my moms computer to Google map a better way home!!!! Does it count if it ain't fun? I sure felt like I was letting myself and you all down. It was 2 minutes that seemed like forever. I was very eager to click that little red "x" in the top corner. I know it wasn't for fun or recreation but it wasn't for work or blogging! The walk into the computer room was heavy, finding her internet icon was convicting and typing in a google search (first time in weeks) felt terrible. I know I wasn't sinning but it felt like it because I have said I wouldn't do it! I broke my word and it felt bad. I pray that every area of sin in my life has the same feelings as this let down. That is a conviction that I want.

So on I go with my net-out. Pray for me, that I will continue the desire and effort to get closer to God through prayer, reading and fasting.

To some this may seen dumb or just plain crazy but I ask you this: Is the bad stuff that you or your kids have seen on the internet worth the good stuff you have seen? The internet has made stealing seem justified, it tells lies and passes them on as truth, it hates God more than it loves him, It has made lust easy, it has degraded lives and it has distracted us from a savior who died to be near us. So right now, for a short time I am willing to cut off this hand and gouge out this eye in order to follow God a little closer.

As I stated, I don't know how long I am going to go with this fast but I have decided that when it is over that I will start back slowly and ONLY go to sites that I have bookmarked as good and decent ahead of time. I will not set my home page on a search engine and I will not sit down to browse just to find something cool and fun.

What next?... TV baby!!!! (but that one will be easy for me)
Thank you GOD for not asking me to fast FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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