Saturday, June 21

Day 12 "net-less"

I still haven’t decided how long I am fasting the net. I don’t even think it’s my choice at this point. So for now I will continue until I feel God telling me I am done. I almost got sucked into myspace. I got an email (yeah, I get to email, blog and work only websites) from a band that wants to come do a concert for us and of course I can hear all of their songs on their myspace page! I almost fell for it!

I have been doing some reading in the Bible to fill in my extra time and I find myself looking for a few minutes here or there to get into His Word. I am reading stuff I have been reading over for years and am amazed at what I am finding: Power, lots of it. The Power of salvation, The Power of the Holy Spirit, The Power of the early church, the Power of the written Word...Lots of Power. Honestly, it’s a Power that I do not see in “the church” today. How much more could the church do if (and when) we embrace the Power that God has given us?

I am excited about tomorrows One Prayer service, Craig Groeschel really drives this point home. So for my Pitt county folks, come see, the rest of you have to check the podcast on under “resources”.

Later Gator

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