Friday, June 13

Sorry I have not been around. Since before last Tuesday, I have no excuse BUT after that I do. I have decided to spend more time on God than on the net! NOT EASY for me!!! I have not been to ANY websites or blogs all week unless it was strictly for work. And I did it. I was kinda nice and I got a lot done. I was think I am going to continue for a little while longer (I am committing to next Saturday!). So be praying that I can fill in God where other distractions have been in my day/week. I will be blogging though because it is kinda my job to keep people informed. So Don’t send me web links or cool/great/funny videos over the next week because I am not watching them.

I will also be taking my weekly day of REST from now on. When you get paid for doing what you love, it is easy to confuse work for recreation. So once a week I will not be “working on church stuff”. I will work on God stuff and work my tail off showing people His love. But Discovery will have to wait and be blessed for it. I thing the entire staff is going to do this too but check their blogs to see.

Here is my to do list:
Pray with my wife DAILY
Spend time alone with God DAILY
Read DAILY in God word
Avoid distracting or non productive web/internet…sorry Youtube, Gizmodo, Digg and Google but you will do fine without me for a week.
Blog about ,my week DAILY!
Take my Day of Rest and make it Holy!

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