Saturday, November 11

The meaning of the word RETREAT

We need to get Pastor Jason a dictionary! I have come to the conclusion that he doesn’t know what “get away” and “retreat” means. The “Work Trip” was good and very productive, and I am looking forward to what God is going to do here at Discovery Church. We go most…well, some…ok, a few of the 07 messages hammered out and they will be great.
I have include some (phone) pictures of the surrounding area where we were.

This is Waller Mill Park in Williamsburg Va.

If I wasnt a MAN, I might say this place was "pretty" but I am a MAN so I will not!

We were kinda expecting Jason (from the friday 13th movies) to jump out of the water at any time!

Notice that Jason is staying away from the rail. The waters were infested with Snakehead Fish and he was SCARED!

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