Friday, December 1

well, I'm not really alone after all!

As my 1st day alone in this house came to an end, I realized a few things that make me thankful for my wife:
1) I am not alone, we have a cat, 2 dogs and about 10 tropical fish.
2) They take alot to take care of. (Sheila does most of it)
3) It is a lot of work cleaning up after myself! (Sheila does ALL of it)
a. BTW my dirty clothes didn't magicaly go from the floor to the hamper last night!
4) Food doesnt prepair itself!!! (Sheila does most of it)
5) In a king sized bed, all alone, I still sleep on my side?
6) THIS PLACE IS QUIET..."What was that noise?"
7) I dont like Microsoft anymore!
8) I want my wife back home asap!

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