Wednesday, September 20

Well it's official!

Sheila said that our move to N.C. wasn’t done and final until we got N.C. tags on the van…so here you go (for all you Floridians who were wanting us to move back!

Those of you who know me on the computer will recognize the name. To clarify: No I am not bragging about me sinning and no I am not proud of my shortcomings. But I am made prefect through Jesus who died for me! I still sin (so do you), and I pray constantly for strength in my weak areas. Too many people today think Christians are hypocrites when they do something wrong. In reality we (Christians) are not perfect…just forgiven! I never want to lose site of what was done for me (and you) on the cross and my screen-name is a constant reminder.

l8tr g8tr!


Anonymous said... is about time. Welcome to being "official".


Anonymous said...

ooowww!!! there's salt on the wound! there's salt on the wound!!