Wednesday, December 20

Bikers invade Greenville!!!

On Sunday the 17th of this year, witness claim "rowdy and ruthless" bikers stormed their neighborhood. No one was seriously injured with the exception and a few egos. The renegade group raced up and down the streets at well above the legal speed limit and had no concern for the local residents safety or comfort. Why they came and where they went, we will never know. We are just grateful that our community survived this encounter.

Here are a few pictures, IF anyone has any information on their whereabouts, please stay away and contact authorities!


Anonymous said...

this isn't the first time you took the bikes out since you've there, is it?
they're a big hit!

Anonymous said...

DAG!! We left too early!! Why didn't you tell me that you were about to play a game made just for Jonathan?!? This looks hilarious!! Next time, we're riding the bikes!