Monday, October 2

Going, going, Gone

Ok so I flew (the plane did most of the work) to Tampa to then drive to Atlanta Ga. for a 1-hour meeting to drive back to Tampa! If this wasn’t enough, I was about to head to the Tampa airport to fly out when I realized that I booked my return flight one month out! It was supposed to be Sept 28th but instead I clicked October the 26th! Having no intention of stay there for a month, I booked another round trip to get me home now and back next month. So my return flight in October WILL be used and really didn’t cost me anything more than embarrassment.

So I got back to Greenville on Thursday by way of Tampa to Charlotte to Raleigh to Greenville! No fun.
So guess what: now this Wednesday I drive back to Atlanta for a conference. And in two weeks we got the Weekend to Remember in Durham N.C. then I fly back to Tampa

So here’s the travels I did and am doing:
Sept 26 drive from Greenville to Raleigh
Sept 26 fly from Raleigh to Tampa
Sept 26 drive from Tampa to Atlanta Ga.
Sept 27 drive from Atlanta to Tampa
Sept 29 fly from Tampa to Charlotte
Sept 29 fly from charlotte to Raleigh
Sept 29 drive from Raleigh to Greenville
Oct 4 "ride" from Greenville to Atlanta
Oct 7 "ride" from Atlanta to Greenville
Oct 20 drive from Greenville to Durham
Oct 23 fly from Raleigh to Tampa
Oct 26 fly from Tampa to Raleigh
Oct 26 drive from Raleigh to Greenville

So, if for the next couple of weeks I seem a little "out of it", you will know why!

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