Thursday, July 27

morning 3

Like my new look?

I had a business meeting (it went well) so Dusty and “the crew” did the message today…and I have to say that it was the best one yet. The group leaders told us that the kids were commenting on it and really got a grasp on what God did for us by sending Jesus down to SAVE us. We do have it on tape and will pass it around to small group to see. They basically went through the wordless book colors using tee shirts and acted out each part. Tyler was God, Dusty was Jesus, Chris was the sinner, Shanna was Heaven and Bethany was Growth. GOOD JOB GUYS!

Tonight we are headed to a friend’s pool and barb-b-q to swim, eat and chill out. Pray that we don’t destroy their home!

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Anonymous said...

Love the new look. Do we need to get you a new razor (or just borrow Dusty's)?

It sounds like you all are having a blast! Have fun and a safe trip home.

Kim Kazda