Thursday, July 27

Morning 2

We love being here, and the people that are serving down here are awesome! They are not just a Sunday School class, they are friends and family to each other. While most Sunday school classes meet only once a week, theses people hand out ALL WEEK LONG. We need some-o-this at every church!

There is NO resemblance in the ubove picture!!!

We had a good 1st day and a GREAT 2nd day! Each day we are doing a color from the wordless book. Monday = Dark = sin (Rom 3:23), Tuesday = Red = Jesus blood takes our sins away (Rom 5:8), Wednesday = White = with Jesus, our sin is gone( 1 John 1:9), Thursday = Gold = Heaven and God are our reward (James 1:5), Friday = Green = We need to grow in the Lord and as Christians (2 Time 2:15). Here are a few pictures.

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