Thursday, March 13

Unleash :( all done till next year!

I think we can all 5 say it was awsome! I know that I got a ton of take homes and I don't know if I should be excited or intemidated by the work that we need to do.

My mind is fried so I will give you all some of the take homes after I get to a computer.


Brad Christian said...

I'm fired up for you guys! I'm looking forward to getting back so we can get to work. I just finished a great session with one of the adobe guys. Learned some good stuff about photoshop, after effects, bridge... good stuff. Also had breakfast this morning with the President of the Disneyland Resort. Later!

musicman said...

Just wanted you know that as long as I'm in charge you'll always have a job, here at Callahan Auto.

Great meeting you and the gang.