Wednesday, March 19

Bout time!

So Jason, our pastor, went out of town for a seminar this week. Big mistake! That puts me at the helm. So, since before we launched over 2 years ago, we have been battling sound issues during service. Things like poor quality, feedback, buzzing and that works. Well our first set of speakers we got were pretty cheap. As a matter of fact, I have seen cars on the street with bigger speakers in the back window. Then we found a "good deal" on a small set of floor monitors that we could use for house speakers. That was a step up but not great. Then one of our partners loaned us a set of powered JBL's and wow, what a difference. But they were not ours. Next a guy loaned us a bigger set of JBL's still a good move in the right direction. But we can do better...and we did. While Jason was away playing, we ordered some REAL speakers that we should have had since day one. We are not getting bigger speakers to make it louder, it's actually opposite. Higher quality will equal less volume and more clarity. Please don't think this was an impulse buy. We were professionally advised that this was a good choice. We got a few other things that should make this Easter service awesome sounding. Here is what we got: QSC Hpr153i x2 (3 way mains), QSC Hpr181i x 2 (base baby!!!), DBX166xl to compress highs (keep loud things down) and Ashly GQX3102 (equalizer 31 band). To top it off, the sound reps told us how to set it up and Davey pulled a sound tech out of his hat for this Sunday morning. I am telling you, I am stoked! Too bad I will not even be in there :(


surebeatsworkin' said...

Cool! Let's rock!

Kim said...

Neat...sorry I won't be there to "hear" it!

Jim Bird said...

Video it!