Saturday, March 8

Br afraid, very afraid!

This may very well be one of the scariest things you have ever seen!!! This is so scary that I cannot even post the picture here so that some timid person could stumble upon it. Go here but be warned!!!

yeap, you guessed it...that IS my foot! We were watching the Wallace kids and they got the idea to paint my toenails...So I let them, tho I don't have a thing to wear that matches, the color suits me fine. If you have seen Shannon in the last week, you have probably seen this picture. It is being spread all over South Central High.

My feet are scary enough without polish on them. I pray that the image of my nasty toes haunts Shannon long into her life!!!

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Council Family said...

There is no hair on the I will have to take your word on it. However, the Bojangles cup in the background is a dead give away.

My girls have done this to me before also. However, they did not do such a good job....or use the same color....or stop when I told them to.