Thursday, March 20

This week

For you who just cant wait, here is a teaser for this Sunday's set. It isn't done but very close.

And here is what we are doing in the Rock (children's church...keep up!) The kids will step up and try to fill in Jesus. My attempt is to show them that only he can do what he came to do, we cannot. Also show them that without Jesus their is a hole, a void, something missing.


Jason Ebeling said...

Very good work Claude - and I'm not just blowin smoke. Really appreciate what you bring to this church not just creatively and with all the "arts and crafts," but I think you understand that everything matters. Thanks for treating everything like that - people, planning, building, etc.

Brad Christian said...

PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT! Looks great... Thats exactly what I imagined when we were talking about it at staff meeting.