Sunday, March 2

They Frosted me!

I don't know why! I wasn't doing anything to them! I was minding my own business and they frosted me!

But I'm not mad, I really don't get mad. Even, thats what I get, right Val? Right Jas? Yeah, I will let this one simmer and when they (you know who you are) have forgotten, they are gonna get it :)

This happened at youth tonight. Kevin brought cupcakes and some of the teens though I would look good in blue. What a mess. The other side of my face was as bad. I battled them off for a few minutes and a few other teens tried to help but in the end, I got frosted. Its in my pores ears and hair. At least its the god stuff not that "healthy" junk some people put on cakes.

oh well, stayed tuned for my comments on this weeks message and I may post a video of it.


Jim Bird said...

The barber's are still on strike, huh?

I'm just jealous...

The 67 Mustang Convertible said...

I am not cutting my hair till you are in a U-Haul headed north!!!!!!!!!!!

Jason Ebeling said...

You look a little scary. Like you're not just planning revenge, but you already took it. Just be careful. I'd hate to see this picture on the news with a story that starts off, "a local pastor...."