Sunday, March 23

poop week!

just plain poopie! Everything that could "tick" me off...did! Nothing big, just little stuff. When people annoyed me, I just ran with it instead of using it as an opportunity to minister to them. So it is NOW Easter Sunday and we are about 3 hours from service time. I spent some time in prayer and will be spending some more before church starts. I am NOT getting in front of those kids with this attitude! So keep me in your prayers, ask for visitors and ONLY God's words to get through Jason and myself today, hey while your praying, ask that last one for every day, every word!

Anyway, I will post pictures from church today...It will be great, how do I know that? Cause I prayed for it and you prayed for it!

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Dean and Mary said...

Praying you had a great service. But I'm sure you had a bad week because you were doing what God had planned. We always fall under attack when we're doing what's right.
I'm sure the kids were thrilled with the service.