Monday, March 3

This Sunday!

Was as awesome as last Sunday!!!
We did week 2 of The Price Is Right and it went well. Here are some pic's and comments for you all to laugh at.

Our Game line-up was Cliffhanger and the Credit Card game.

Our contestants! Shanna, what are you looking at?

Show me the money, Here Jason showed us how much a $450 dry really cost us credit card users...$1150!!!

Ok, you guys need to ask Jason exactly what he said at this point in the service. Go ahead, ask him.

I am not gonna comment on this one, buy you can!

I thing the messages are really hitting home. and yes we are giving out some prizes but they are all thing to help people honor God with their money. This was not a message on giving but on not being a slave to your money.

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Laci Strickland said...

I think you need to show everyone a close up of the cliffhanger game! That was "priceless"!!