Tuesday, July 17

The work-out

So I was at the gym yesterday for the first time in about 4 weeks! Man everything I did killed me! It was tough, Just 4 weeks ago I was pushing so much more. This got me to thinking about how much this was like our spiritual walk. If we dont stay up on our game we get weaker and cannot handle as much. This is just the first of a little series I will be doing of the gym vs the walk so stay tuned & I will be back. Oh yeah, sorry about the spelling mistakes if there are any.

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Jim Bird said...

Wait a minute...is this a new blog entry? WOW!
And yeah, I agrre. We have to excercise the spiritual man also.
You say this is the first in a series, but doon't indicate when the next one will be. Very smart, Mr. Cannon..very smart.