Wednesday, July 18

The Work Out: Diet First

Ok part two of “The Work Out” – “the diet”
I am amazed at what these people do to get into shape and stay in shape. Although good cardio and weight training is important the biggest part of it is diet. What you put into your body has more effect than what you do with your body. Although I believe this, it is still the hardest part. In both our physical and spiritual lives, the above is true. We constantly crave the stuff that’s not beneficial and sometimes just plain bad for us. Our spirit needs good nutrients. We can get this from Gods word, Prayer and Fellowship. Instead we feast on TV, secular music and worldly friends. These things clog our spirit up with fat that makes it hard for us to do the things God has in store for us. Sure we make an effort but come up short breathed and out of shape. So before we go any farther into this mini series, let’s start off with the Godly Diet. Remember: what goes in…is what comes out!


Derick Shipley said...

Back to Back Blogging days. Claude must be sick or something.

(Good stuff in the blogs though!!)


Anonymous said...

Is that peas and carrots in that bowl?


Kim said...

Protein...protein...gotta have protein!!

Love the blogs BTW! It is a journey many of us are struggling with right now.