Friday, July 20

The Work Out: Spotter

This is a biggie. Never go to the gym alone, you need to have a spotter. A spotter is someone who knows your boundaries, they are strong enough to help you when you get in too deep and they are the ones who push you when you want to give up. A good spotter will also correct you when you are lifting wrong or endangering yourself. As Christians these people are sometimes called accountability partners. In my opinion every single believer should have one person who holds them accountable, grows with them and helps them preserver in tough times. At the gym you can really get yourself into trouble trying to push more weight than you can handle. But with a spotter, they can help you get the weight back up and keep you safe. After a while you will be able to handle that amount of weight as the new norm! After that you can try even more weight…as long as your spotter 'got your six' (thats "has your back" for those of you who arnt too gangster)!
P.S. don’t forget to “spot your spotter” they need it as much as you do! This is a 2 way street.

By the way…are ya’ll getting this?

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Jim Bird said...

I couldn't help but notice that isn't you pushing all those plates!