Monday, July 30

Cause You Asked For It.

Attendance 7/29/07 was 132 and offering was $1998.00
Attendance 7/22/07 was 137 and offering was $2557.82

Well last week we had 15 1st timers and this week we had 7 second timers so I guess we dont do a bad job and making people feel welcome.
This week we got the chance to serve 6 first time guest

The nursery was bustin @ the diaper seems with 13 little ones. Thats 26 runny notsrils to wipe, Thanks Mr. & Mrs. Stallings for serving in this area. YOU GUYS ROCKED!!!

Hey, how did ya'll like the music this week? I think it was much better in sound quality. FEEDBACK PLEASE

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Derick Shipley said...

It sounded better than last week, and much crisper and cleaner. They did a geat job. Last week did seem just a little too loud.