Monday, July 2

God is Good!!!

Nothing particular just a reminder! No matter what my actions are, either good or bad, He is still good. I sometimes have trouble with Gods unconditional love. I find my actions are very conditional, if things are all good, its easy to be good and happy but when things get a little bumpy or totally out of hand, I tent to follow suit and falter in my walk.

I am in Tampa…and have a few minutes and free wifi so though a little update would be nice.
We (Sheila & I) visited Kings Avenue this Sunday for second service and I have to say that Pastor Richards message was good and well received. He had a great tie-in to the 4th of July and I cannot say I have seen so much passion form the pulpit in awhile…then again I really don’t get to much big church time being with the kids and all.
Work is good, we got everything done and are looking to help other companies with their workload. We had no calls over the weekend and it was nice and peaceful!
Mom is having her first quiet day alone since Bobby passed away. I will not call her today, she needs this time to stop fighting it and let the “front” down. She is still the strongest woman I have ever known.
Me and my real father are having a few issues and could use your prayers. I think things will be fine but we both need some time. I really haven’t had too much time to reflect on and morn for Bobby due to this situation. It has been distracting at the least.
Sheila is here with me and probably shopping with her mother. She is good and had been SOOOO supportive through all of this. I don’t think I would have been able to handle things without her help. With trips to Tampa, preaching 2 times, Bobby’s passing and issues with my real father, things have been on edge and I have been ready to crack! So Sheila, if you read this…Thanks again!!!

Well that’s all for now, too much blogging may send Jim & Derek into overload!


Derick Shipley said...

Glad to see your having fun in Tampa. Hope you guys are back in time for small group on Thursday!! Take care and be safe!


Kim said...

Wow it sure has been a crazy time for you all. We miss you and hope you come back safely and soon!!