Thursday, July 19

The Work Out: Consistency Pays

On to part 3 of “The Work Out” – “The routine”
Ok, we have the diet and the desire. Now we just need the routine. Like our bodies, if we are not constantly working out we see little to no productivity or growth. You see anyone can go to the gym once and a while to do a crazy hard workout but if they don’t do it regularly, they will see little results. It’s the same with many areas of our Christian walk. If we only read the bible, (attend church, pray or do devotions) once every now-n-then; 1) we limit the amount of Gods word in our lives, 2) we forget what we have read or learned and 3) we distance ourselves from God will. A devotion a day will keep the sin away…not really but it will focus your day on God over self. So for the best results practice your spiritual disciplines DAILY!

Side bar, p.s., rabbit trail or whatever you want to call it: What’s with the “only 10 minutes a day for 30 days” crap I keep hearing? These people want us to think that losing weight and getting in shape is easy and fast!!! LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING; it took years of eating junk and sitting in front of TV’s for us to get this fat and out of shape, what on earth makes you think you can clean up your act in any less time? There has to be a self-sacrifice. You have to take in the good stuff and you have to GET UP and do things! Humm, let me think…you could take in Gods word and you could do something like serve or bless someone and don’t forget; Consistency will yield the best results!

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