Monday, July 2

for those not at Discovery this week

THis is my blog from our Bulletin this Sunday morning:

Friday night I had the opportunity to stand outside of the Apple Store during the launch of their IPhone. There were about 250 people waiting in line for the 6:00pm release. When the doors opened everyone clapped and were cheering. As I watched the
people rushing in I wondered what generated all that hype. Nobody there had even held one, much less played around with it. They all wanted it because they had been told how great it was and they believed it! They had faith in it and its performance! I then wandered why people don't get that excited over God and Jesus. I haven't see lines waiting to get into church. And I wondered what it would take to for people to cheer and clap when the church doors were opened. I don't have the
answers and don't think I am as excited about my savior as much as I should be. But rest assured, long after the Iphone hype dies down (and it will), God will still be saving souls and loving us at maximum performance. And he will need no warrantee or upgrades!

so here are a few phone [not iphone :( ] pictures I took:

This is the first of the waiters, these are the "campers". I hate to tell them that there is enough phones in there for everyone! 2 days later there were still cases full of them left :)

Here are people like me (sadly) watching people wait in line.

THis is the really long line, I guess about 150 people or so.

its not as small as I thought!!!

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Kim said...

so you stood there and watched, but wasn't able to get one?? Poor Claude