Sunday, November 1

impartation part 4

These are my notes from the IMPART event

If you are not giving to your church, you probably are not giving anywhere. If you are not giving anywhere, you may have an idol problem.

Simplicity: do one thing and do it well. Golden Coral attitude always leads to mediocrity. Sure there is a little bit of everything but nothing really sticks out. Simplicity enables excellence.

Sometimes you need “an Old Yeller anointing”. If it isn’t working: take it out back and shoot it. It may hurt, you may miss it but it will allow things to move forward.

Dress for the wedding: planning for the future may sometimes look out of place until you get there. Like stopping for gas in a tux! After all how do you think Noah looked building a huge boat on dry land when it had NEVER rained before. Prepairing for the future ALWAYS looks stupid to the one’s without vision.

God’s may send you on a detour but that doesn’t mean He changed the destination. It may take longer to get there but there was a reason for it. BTW account for a possible detour when planning the trip in the first place and you will not be upset when you see the road closed and have to turn.

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