Saturday, October 31

impartation part 3

These are my notes from the IMPART event

Celebrate somebody!: Really find one person every day to celebrate. It is fun and they like it too. Here: Monday=call someone, Tuesday=email someone, Wednesday=send a card, Thursday=text someone, Friday=comment on their facebook page, Saturday=face to face with someone (clerks and waiters are awesome too) and Sunday=hit-um up at church! Monday, start all over. It may seem like work at first but you will grow to like it as much as they’s addicting. I dare you.

Protect your Pastor: “let nobody put their mouth on Him” do not tolerate people speaking poorly of God’s anointed! [get out of the gutter]

You cannot fake your DNA: it is who you are! Be the best you that you can be and stop trying to be _________ (insert name here).

Nobody can go where the leaders are not going: thus leaders get followed, duh moment!

Be willing to smoke what you sell! If it isn’t good enough for you, don’t ask them to do it! (dang does that mean I have to do all of this stuff I am writing?)

Our hearts should be overflowing and others should be getting it.

What if people leave? If they do, What have you lost? Remember: Sometimes the crowd thins.

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