Monday, November 30

The only thing better than a good deal is..

a great deal! So offerings have been a little down and that is pretty much when everything breaks! We lost the bulb in our video projector in Children's church last week. So we ordered a new bulb at the good price of $200. But that didn't do it! Turns out something else was wrong that caused the bulb to burn so I went out on Saturday just looking at prices. So it turns out Best Buy has good prices on them and had sales to boot. After looking at Staples I decided to head back to Best Buy. There wasn't really anyone to help me out and I decided on an unit that was $649 (down from $749!) so I started looking for the box. When digging around the bottom shelf I came across an open box marked down to $359.99! Jason on the phone, googled it and it turns out to be one of the highest resolution model they have and was originally sold for over $1000!!! I love it when God works!

The image looks grate and can even be seen with all of the lights on. The old one was so dim we had to kill all of the lights just to see our presentation.

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