Tuesday, November 3

impartation part 6

These are my notes from the IMPART event

Think inside the box: Thinking outside of it is frustrating. Don’t recreat the wheel when you have perfectly good ones. Work with what you have and what you are good at. Focus on the wins! Don’t play to not lose. Play to win till the end.

If you cannot recruit them for free, you probably will not be able to pay them to do it well. Believe what you are doing and sell it whole heartily.

When you find who you really are, you release what God has in store for you. Stop being “them” and be you. You are already good at it, just give it a try.

We don’t create momentum, we just ride it. Well some of us try to stop it but we should be onboard. It’s a much better ride. Protect it and harness it. It works (get it: it works?) Build your next initiative out of that momentum.

Blessing is God’s department, preparation is mine!

God calls those not wiling to work “lazy”. God calls those not willing to rest “disobedient”. Take a break! Naps rock! Sleep rulez! Rest is best. Hey go out and do something you enjoy, God talks then too.

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