Monday, November 30

finishing up Jonah

So we just wrapped up a great series on the book of Jonah. I am amazed at how much we can learn from 4 short chapters. I think the kids had a blast and really got the messages! Here are a few pictures from week 4:

you never know what you will find in a giant fish!

Boat load 1

boat load 2

and boat load 3!
We put rockers on the bottom of the boat to make it move. (thanks Todd, for the idea!)

I don't know if we can top this during our Christmas series!


Sheila said...

This was one of my favorite series! LOTS OF FUN for me and for the kids!
Great job Baby! I am so proud of how God uses you to teach this children!
I'm blessed with you as my husband!

Dean and Mary said...

Claude, if my church when I was a youth was this great I would have stuck around to listen. You make me wish I were a kid so I could come and learn. How cool!! Discovery is so lucky to have you and Jason as leaders.