Tuesday, November 10

so you mentioned the troops at church on Sunday!

whiphid di do! Words are weak!
Our teens actually went out on Saturday to serve them! Don't get me wrong, it is fine to give some time from the pulpit to honor our troops but it is even better to give up you day off to make them cards, crafts and pack some gift boxes for them. Action people! I am so proud of Crosslink Teens (our youth-group) for coming out with so much enthusiasm to do this. They all want to go back and do some more.

Sometimes there is just too much talking and not enough walking. These kids have never turned down the chance to serve. I learn so much from them.

Crosslink: We love you and thank you for caring.

We as a church were so proud that we paid for some of the cost of the fund raiser shirts for each teen. So they each got a shirt and the "Give To The Troops" got some money to buy more stuff.

Glad to be a part of Discovery! Thanks Kim for organizing this!


Kim said...

Great post!! The youth continues to amaze me by stepping up when a need arises!!

Sheila said...

WOW! Great post! Our entire generation could learn from these great kids! They are truly amazing and I am so proud of them!