Friday, November 6

Why and I so stoked about:

Jonah? It is our new series at Discovery Church starting this Sunday and running for 4 weeks. One chapter a week. Maybe it's the children's pastor in me excited about a cool Bible story. Or maybe it is just a great lesson on God's love and Justice (which go hand in hand). Either way I am stoked and looking forward to it.
Here are some props to add some visuals to the lesson:
The boat is for Children's Church aka The ROCK. It will have some graphics painted on it to liven it up a tad. I will try to post the finished product for you all to see.

If you are in the Greenville N.C. area and haven't checked us out, you need to stop by and find out about second chances.

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Dean and Mary said...

Claude you make learning so much fun for your kids. I'm sure they just loving coming. And the best part is they will remember all of it and tell their kids when they are adults. Way to make the Bible exciting and new for kids. I know God is smilin' down on you.