Tuesday, September 16

sitting here

on the third floor of our cabin in Blairsville Ga. The cabin is getting bigger by the minute. We started with 4 couplesand before we eve got here one couple had to drop out. After day one Sheila's grandfathers health turned so Aunt and Uncle number two had to leave to go check on Grand-dad. So not its Sheila & me and her parents in a huge cabin in the mountains. There is a chance that her parents will have to head back to Fl. to be with Grand-dad and unfortunately for us, We may have to go there soon. He is 89 and refuses medical help, He is more than ready to meet Jesus. So we are waiting on Sheila's aunt to "feel out" the situation to see how long he may have. If things are bad Sheila's parents will go back to Fa. to be with him also. That leaves just us in a huge cabin!

Well enough of that. This place sure in pretty. There is nothing to do around here and I love that! No jem mining, shops of authentic (made in china) mountains souvenirs, No sliding rocks, just relaxing. We played pool, made a human broth in the jacuzzi and even made a fire (outside) for marshmallows. We did find a rib place that rocked some dead pig big-time!!! (ummm pork, it's not just for breakfast anymore!!!)

We miss the kids at church and the youth and we even miss the grown ups that act like kids and youth! We will be back soon. Pray for grand-dad. See ya'll in a few.

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Jim Bird said...

Ok, first of all: "Human broth"— gross!
Second, I'll be praying for Sheila's grandad and all of the family.

Miss you guys.