Wednesday, September 3

Fuzzy pastor

So Randy and I have noticed that we possibly got the hairiest pastor we have ever seen. He is really fuzzy! So this week at staff meeting we nick named him "Chia pastor". And in honor or him I have created a site that we can all visit to watch his hair grow. I will deposit seeds on him with every Hit Count that the page gets. Each morning I will check the counter and see how many people have visited. Then for each and every one, I will ad more seeds. Lets see how fuzzy he can really be!!!!

Visit HERE to start adding Hits!


Jason Ebeling said...

That has got to be one of your best pieces of work. It's also the last time I'll visit and be responsible for adding seeds to myself

The Nassars said...

wow, it's 4pm on thurs. and already there have been 174 hits... someone is double dipping! hehe

Dean and Mary said...

I LOVE IT! This is good work Claude!