Wednesday, September 24

Sorry it has been awhile.

I have not really felt much like blogging lately. Oh do not get me wrong, there is plenty to say. I just have not felt like saying it.

I have been spending a lot of time in the garden lately, the garden of Eden to be precise. No, I have not been there, sorry. But I have been dwelling there in my mind... allot.

You see, Eve was put in the garden for a reason and she had everything and everyone she needed. But she turned her attention to a distraction. A simple, harmless (almost) serpent. She gave him her full attention thus turning from God who longed to walk with her and talk to her. She wasn't focused on her Husband or her God. She was distracted. And really that is all it takes to go down the wrong path, a distraction. We get distracted when something or someone becomes more interesting to us than the ones who truly matter (think about a kid at school looking out the window to the playground instead of listening to the teacher).

So my question to Eve (myself and all my friends) is this: Why, when you have access to a loving caring God, do we spend time considering the serpent? What does that snake have that our Creator dose not? What makes him so appealing? I admit that I have turned my back on God and engaged and humored the serpent way to often. And so have you! But I still do not know why.

It begins with the consideration. When we turn our focus away from God we open up and invite trouble. So my prayer is to simple stay focused on God and the task He has for me.

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Sheila said...

Not that it's an excuse...
For me sometimes, the thing that draws my attention away does so only because I can actually "see" it. Sometimes, it feels like other things are right there in our sight/grasp/etc. and God seems far away. I know in my heart that's not true, but there are many times when my head thinks it. Just being real.
I love you Claude!