Wednesday, September 3

so I haven't posted in awhile

My fans miss me so here I post:
Since my last blog not too much has been blog worthy. Well We did have a 4 minute sermon this week, so I guess that should make it up here. We have been talking about fasting and we ended the series with a challenge to go home and REST, STOP working and remember God. We were not sure how the people would take it but we got a ton of comments on how much "we needed that!" We had 4 or so songs and Pastor Jason (chia pastor from now on due to his fuzziness) came out and did a quick wrap up of what we have been talking about and then sent us al home for a sabbath.

Other than that we are getting ready to go to the mountains in a week of so. It should be very relaxing and unlike all of our other trips, we actually have money set aside for this one. I am looking forward to it BIG TIME.

I also sold my little hot rod truck last week, for the first time in 10+ years, I don't have to spend money on it, nothing needs fixing and it's not rusting out in my yard. I will miss not having a gas guzzeling fast car but I am sure I will find something to replace the void in my garage.

well, this qualifies as a blog so consider yourself updated for now!

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The Nassars said...

you got rid of the truck?! wow....