Monday, September 8

Sunday ROCKED!!!

This week had to be our best ever. We had a ton of people come to church and I know we had a lot of 1st time guest because I got to meet a few. The music sounded great and the band and sound tech guys were awesome. Children's church was a blast, we had a ton of fun and learn some things in all of it. Man I pray we get somebody to lead some kids worship real soon. Right now they are going into big church for music and, well, there is no room for them in there!! That is a great problem to have. Youth was just over 21 teens and some of our leaders stepped up to star a small group during the week. God is AWESOME, but you know that!

Oh by the way, Chia Pastor is getting kinda out of hand!!!! Check it out


The Nassars said...

do you guys do an invitation? How do you keep track of decisions?

The 67 Mustang Convertible said...

we use connection cards. They work pretty well. There is even a place for questions and every week Jason answers them from the stage on the fly!!!!

The Nassars said...

so how many decisions have you guys seen?