Friday, September 19

Good-by Grand-dad

He passed away thursday morning and we are now in Florida for the funeral on Monday. Everyone is fine and all of the arrangements are made. He was 89 years old and has been ready to "go home" since his wife passed away a few years ago. One thing is for sure.. He loved the Lord! He listened to the Bible on cd all the way through several times every week! He used to read but his sight was bad so the cds took the place and then some.

It will be good to see everyone this week. We will be back by next weekend.

I will check in a little more as the week goes on, later!


The Nassars said...

I pray you have a great "homecoming" celebration for your Grandfather!

Dean and Mary said...

Deepest sympathy on the loss, but grateful he's not suffering anymore and he's healthy and living with our Lord. What a praise. Praying you have a safe trip down here and that you have a great celebration service for him.
Dean and Mary

The 67 Mustang Convertible said...

thank you all.