Thursday, September 4

Chia update

The chia pastor is coming along nicely. I had to run out and get more seeds today. We have had (at this posting) 260 people contribute to Jason's fuzziness. You do not have to click refresh because chia plants do not grow that fast. You can check back each do to see how much it has grown. But here is the progress so far:

Remember, to contribute a few seeds, just visit the site. The next day there should be some growth. Here is the site again


Laci Strickland said...

What can I usual..WRONG, but FUNNY!

..and I'm ashamed to say I did click to add seeds! :)

Jason Ebeling said...

I'm growing my hair out, dying it green AND BLAMING YOU for using your freaky voodoo on me. Whaddya think of that?

I think I actually look older with more "chia-hair"

Randy Strickland said...

See, this is why we don't get anything done at staff meetings. LoL. All this Chia stuff and cabbage stuff.

Dean and Mary said...

got to say Dean had a blast hitting this last night. I think he added 30 or more.