Friday, October 23

So what’s going on with the Cannons?

We have been so busy it is hard to sit down and catch you all up. As you know Discovery took about 12 people to the huge Catalyst Leadership Conference in Atlanta Ga. It was amazing and I gave you a short take home in my last post. I have another big conference called Impart on next Tuesday and a possible one on Thursday. These things give us so much info that our heads are ready to pop. We are constantly being reminded how much we DONT KNOW!

This past Sunday we took Crosslink (our youth) to a corn maze. It was huge and nice. We had a blast. We learned: if you have a map, you can find your way. I had a map but failed to pass out the other 3 that I printed. Our team was the only one to complete the entire maze. When we were done we headed back to the cars to send the kids off and Sheila was wrapping up and managed to slam her finger in the van door. It was pretty nasty and we had to spend the night at the ER. She broke the tip and cut around 3 sides of her pinky. There are pictures up HERE but you need to prepare yourself! She is doing good and has more stitches to add to her list. She has more scares than Rambo!

It seems that our churches cars are under attack. We have so many friends with broke down cars. We have fuel pumps out, leaking radiators, slipping transmissions, blown engines, flooded cars and wrecked cars. I am doing what I can to help as many of them as possible but that takes money and most of us don’t have that much laying around. I could use a Pontiac and Toyota engine and a radiator for a Grand Prix. The fuel pump was Pastor Jason’s and we got that fixed. One by one we will get them fixed. Just pray for us and our cars.

That’s enough for now, consider yourselves updated for now.

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