Wednesday, October 28


We just returned from one jam-packed day at Elevation Church for their IMPART event. This was simply: a where we have been and how God has and is working through Elevation. And my short review is WOW. This blog post is my take away on what happened.

First of all, there were only about 110 people in attendance and they had 200 (yes 200) volunteers there to greet, meet and serve us. Yes, thats almost 2 to 1! We each had a person assigned to us all day long. Every time we took a break our personal concierge was standing there with our favorite drink and snack. Mine was named Gail and she and a bunch of others took off work to be there to serve us. Wow, we can’t get some people to serve on their free time much less take a day off work!

For this one day event they redecorated the entire building to theme it out for IMPART. There were banners and signs everywhere. They even had info over the urinals in the bathroom that they changed out between sessions. If you missed a bathroom break, you missed a little info :)

Then came the meat. Pastor Steve Furtick brought it and brought it hard. He layed down Elevations simple vision with so much passion that we felt guilty about not having the same passion about our vision. I can see why people go to this church, he is real and human, he isn’t as perfect as the rest of the pastors out their and will probably tell you something he sucks at ever chance he gets.

I will be posting my notes and comments in days to come. I will call them “impartation part_” so check back over the next, oh 7 days! yeah, it will take me that long to unpack what they shoved down our throats in one day.

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