Friday, October 30

impartation part 2

These are my notes from the IMPART event

1 Samuel 14:6&7 Jonathan was the best volunteer recruit ever! Read it yourself.

Your vision needs to be so big that it cannot succeed without God. We are small dreamers!

Some of us need the spiritual gift of ignorance: We think things through and limit God’s movement in out lives. If Moses used common sense or even science, he may not have put his staff into the red sea! A moment of ignorance may be all that is separating you from the amazing thing that God has in store for you.

Your limitations are an insult to God.

What are your “I can’ts”: what is keeping you from doing them?

Make every opportunity to make “this day” “That day”. Come on, we all have a “That day” that we tell people about, lets make some more!

Our generation has lost the art of honor: Honor begins with honoring God. Trust is earned but honor is deserved by all. So honor somebody already!

Criticize by creating. Most criticism tears down. If you cannot offer criticism in a way that builds up...DONT offer it! Your house will not be any bigger by tearing down other peoples houses. You ego may though.

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