Saturday, October 10

ok, the hydrant is closed and I'm soaked!

how do you process so much info crammed into your head in two day? Wow! It hurts! We just got back from the Catalyst Leadership Conference with 12 Discovery church people. We heard from some of the country's best leaders and speakers and I got my socks knocked off.
So I was thinking: How do I grab any of this since there was so much and I decided to Snactch just a thought from each that I could use and apply. So here you go, 2 days, 11 messages in as few words as possible:

Andy Stanly: trust them 1st

Louie Giglio: Seek His Face

Chuck Swindoll: empty hands can be filled

Dave Ramsey: the tortoise wins

Priscilla Shirer: copy God

Fracnis Chan: The Cross!

Matt Chandler: Know the finish before you run.

Rob Bell: Jesus didn’t do popular & Family 1st

Shane Hipps: Guard or Gardner?

Malcolm Gladwell: Overconfidence loses

Andy Stanly: Words are cheap!

I may break these down for you later, but I may not!


Sheila said...

Cool way to give us a quick run! It makes us think about what each one means! Good pondering stuff!!!
Love u!

Derick Shipley said...

Some from what I got (besides the stuff you put down)

Andy Stanly: “It’s not about making my mark, it’s about being perfectly positioned for God to make His mark through me.”

Louie Giglio: It’s not about us, it’s about Him

Chuck Swindoll: God’s way is always better than my way

Dave Ramsey: “Momentum = Focused Intensity/Time X God”

Priscilla Shirer: It’s not about be ready, but being open.

Fracnis Chan: Humble yourself.

Matt Chandler: By this Gospel we will be saved… past, present and future. & Without Him, His cross and His shed blood there is no reconciliation.

Rob Bell: “Sometimes the crowd thins.” & A church is a Eucharist for its city.

Shane Hipps: The ever-changing Gospel never changes.

Malcolm Gladwell: “What we need most from leaders in times of crisis is humility.”

Andy Stanly: “You won’t know the mark you’ve made until after you’ve made it”

Derick Shipley

The 67 Mustang Convertible said...

WOW Derick, I cannot believe I missed "the crowd thins"! That was one of the best insights of the conference.

Derick Shipley said...

Don't worry, I got your