Monday, May 4

Good Day

I have been so busy and behind in my work that everything has been getting under my skin. But with yesterdays service, baptisms and lunch after church, I was a really great day. We had around 8 or so get baptized yesterday to go public with their salvation and profession of faith. Then we treated everyone to hotdogs and hamburgers (except Sheila and I, we are on a diet). It was great. After all that we still had to go in and tear down the church and put in it storage. I tell you that tear down never went so good. It was organized and quick. I thought that being so late, nobody would help but we had plenty and even some new people helped. The chairs and curtains were gone in record time.

a special thank you to all the people who help set up and tear down church. While the setup people are great, it is the tear down people that I appreciate the most. They are the ones who helped set up, then sat thru service and after that, before lunch, pack everything back up. It is hard but they shine.

So over all, yesterday was a great day of worship and fellowship.

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Joey said...

Tear down crew rocks!