Tuesday, May 19

Real men DO NOT USE hand sanitizer!

Don't!!! I will not hear it! Let me tell you ladies a little something: That junk may do just fine in killing germs but it stinks at cleaning any kind of MAN DIRT. I mean grime, grease, paint, oil... you know, the kind of stuff men actually get on their hands. But low and behold, when we come into the house and head to the sink, there is no soap to be found, just some cute little bottle (that is normally about empty anyway) of ineffective, smell goodie jell. But since it is all that is there, and knowing it will not work, we use it anyway. We pump the remains from the bottle and commence to scrubbing, only to be left with still dirty hands that are now germ free and smell really good, but dirty none the less.

I WANT CLEAN HANDS! NOT GERM FREE DIRTY HANDS! GIVE ME SOME SOAP! And I mean some MAN SOAP, the stuff with abrasive in it (it can have acid in it for all I care)! It should not smell like flowers! We will tolerate citrus on rare occasions BUT NO OTHER FRIUT is acceptable.

Think about it, If the hand sanitizer worked, you would not mind us drying our hands off with your kitchen towels now would you?! And while I am on the towels: What is the deal with THAT, the terrible hand soap will not remove my grease and grim but a dry towel will remove enough of it to get dirty and bring out the evil eye from the lady of the house?

Stay Tuned For Future blogs like: Why do they call it a dishWASHER? and Why put the seat down?


Cure for hands said...

Hands are the most uncared for part of our body. But it is equally important to care for hands. One can brush off dead cells by rubbing it with spoilt milk or blend sugar with olive oil and massage it. Apply good moisturiser, jojoba or olive oil.

The 67 Mustang Convertible said...

I am laughing! my blog has been spammed!