Saturday, May 16

in just a few

I get to go to set-up our church with other faithful servants. It is work but it is fun fellowship also. We usually get it done in a few hours.

If you one of the many unfortunate ones who attend a church that has a building and is always set up, I fell sorry for you. You don't get to hang out with each other as much as we do! :)
Just kidding of course. But you know those few times a year when everyone gets together and works to pull something off (vbs, christmas specials). One of the things we love about those times is the "working together". We that is what we get every week, two times: one for set-up and another for tear-down. Plus haven't you always wandered if YOUR church would fit in a closet? Yeah, I knew you did.

So 2 hours and counting.

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