Monday, May 25

Just a few random thingies

1) It's Memorial day! We are heading over to Mom's and going to cook out on the grill.

2) Church yesterday rocked! We had some friends (Aron & Cessie Rice) lead children's music for us and the kids loved it and the teens were inspired to do it some more.

3) God's word is inspired and infallible: your interpretation of it is not! When we embrace this fact, I think only then God can speak to us and through us.

3.1) Pray for the ones who bring Gods word to the people, that they are in touch with Him and not just with the cleaver speakers and writers that are out there.
3.2) Just remember, it is easy to believe the Bible because we now know the ending. When was the last time you read one of the gospels and put yourself in their shoes. They did NOT know how everything would end. So guys, lay off Peter and even Thomas, they were not raised in Sunday school.

4) The purple beast (our van) is only 600 miles away from the big two hundred thousand mark. I think we will have a 200,000 mile party with the teens when we hit it.
5) FAQ has been great! People are engaging in it and the discussion are being carried throughout the week. you can ask HERE

5) this is really number .5) I really love my wife! I am so proud of her. She has been busting her rump at the gym and eating right so that we will be in better shape. She is looking hot! I think we have both lost around 26 pounds in the last few months. We will lose some more!

Well that is about it for now. Remember to set a little time aside to love God, after all, He has set way more aside to love you.


Sheila said...

I guess it's a good thing that you think I'm hot 'cause I think you are smoking hot too!!!!! I love you, baby!
Remember..."Fire power"!!!! Show me your weapons!

Jason Ebeling said...

Uhhh? Moderator? Things are getting a little too close to "R" rated here. Somebody save the rest of us....

Sheila said...

Haven't seen "Night at the Museum" yet?!? It's a line in the movie where the the thinker is showing off his ARM MUSCLES!!! Get your mind out of the toilet PASTOR!!!!!