Friday, May 15

The great get-away

So last Saturday Sheila and I took off to the mountains for a few days. We both needed a get away and Jason & Lora found us a cabin. We were gone through Wednesday. It was a great get away and very relaxing. We went to see Looking Glass falls and took a few hikes (climbs) to another fall. But most of the time we just sat at the cabin and relaxed. I got some good God time in and even read a few books. I told one of my friends that I worked my last job for 15 years and rarely needed a break but with this job, I need several a year.

Honestly I think good breaks lead to better production in any job. And let me tell you: if you want to feel God and see His work, head to the mountains! His glory is everywhere you look. So here are a few of the pictures from our little 5 day Sabbath.


Gentzlers said...

Looks like you had a beautiful spot to visit. Glad the 2 of you got away together.

The Nassars said...

fred and I love it when we can go to Tenn. and stay in a cabin. I would do it 3 or 4 times a year if I could.