Tuesday, April 28

a nice surprise:

When I was a kid, I used to love my grandfathers shop. It was a mess and there was stuff everywhere, for a guy like me that was a ton of eye candy. Tools, parts and machines all over. Piles of them. Well, I seem to have inherited PawPaw's messy-ness. My garage and shop are always a mess, especially after a new stage set or project. Enter LOVE: this morning when I went to crank the mower for my wonderful wife (who will mow when I can't due to messing up the garage) and upon opening the shop door I found EVERYTHING in it's place, clean and organized. Apparently yesterday Sheila went out there and did a number on it. I almost can't wait to get out there and build something!

I don't have a clue how she cleaned it so well. I mean, there isn't even a hint of sawdust out there!

Sheila rocks my world over and over again!


Gentzlers said...

I guess you better hang on to her!


Council Family said...

Way to go Sheila...make the rest of us look like a bunch of slackers (or is that just me?)!!

Sheila said...

I did it because last week Claude said something about how he figures he will always have a messy workshop because by the time he's done doing whatever he's doing in there, he's too tired to clean it up. I'm not very creative and don't do much at making cool things, but I am a BEAST at cleaning!!!
Besides, I love him! It was a "free" way to show him how much!!!!!!