Tuesday, January 22

Sometimes it just hurts

ok, you Mac fans out there...back off!
I have been using Mac computers for awhile now and I have a confession to make.
When you want the date and don't feel like opening a calender you can click on the clock to see a pop-up of the date (Windoz users can hover over their clock to get the date).

Well (silly me), down in the doc there are little icons of the programs I can open and on the calender icon...it shows the date, TODAYS date!

So I know this now and still find myself going to the clock for a click and a peek. Darn you Bill Gates!
I wander if I can get some sort of Windows patch to put on my arm to wing me off Microsoft?
Hey if smokers can get Nicorette gum, Maybe I can get some Microrett gum!

I love my Mac!


Brad Christian said...

Its not always been that way! With tiger it always showed"July 17th" until calender was opened! Another little feature of leopard that rocks!

The 67 Mustang Convertible said...

ok, I feel a little better now!